Patrea Andrews
28 January 2023

“ I was so excited to receive my copy of this book last week.

Cyrlene B., you are so right we can all live our life’s making assumptions about people, we really do not know.

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and what has shaped you.

Your resilience, passion and drive are commendable, I know we all have more to hear and learn from you.

Thank you for being so brave to speak your truth, we only bring about real change when we speak openly and people take the time to really listen.

Our future generation needs to overstand that with every barrier there is a light at the end .

Much love Sis and keep doing what’s right for you and the community, you are touching so many people in the right way.

I know this will help you grow even more and continue to bring change for us all.

To the Golden Team, so far your book is opening my eyes, your wisdom and vision and real truth, Thank you and Respect to your all.”