Multiple award winning Entrepreneur, author, literary agent, music production and events.


Embark on a profound exploration into the depths of my journey. One that is marked by the shadows of past traumas and experiences that have cast a persistent cloud of depression and anxiety over decades of my life.


In a world where many share similar struggles, we often find ourselves shrouded in silence, concealing our pain due to shame, guilt, or the fear of not being heard and believed. It’s a disheartening reality.


One where the perpetrator’s long standing connections may overshadow THE TRUTH, leading to disbelief. The haunting question echoes: Why did we not speak out earlier? In my case, I did. Three times, to be exact, with the final attempt in 2012. Yet, closure remained elusive, prompting me to forge my path toward healing in a way that feels authentic and empowering.


Join me on this transformative journey, where the power of self-discovery becomes a beacon of hope. Let us navigate the labyrinth of personal trials together, unveiling the profound revelations that lie within.


Your presence on this journey is not only welcomed but celebrated. Feel free to reach out; let our connection become a source of strength and overstanding.


Together, we can redefine our narratives, navigating life’s trials and fostering a shared growth that transcends the shadows of the past. Thank you for gracing my virtual home.


I eagerly anticipate the meaningful connections we’ll forge on this collective voyage of healing and self-discovery.

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